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Terms and conditions

1. A non returnable deposit of 20% of the total cost must be paid upon booking.

2. Balance payment must be recieved 14 days prior to start date of course.

3. If a holiday or course has to be cancelled by FY7 Charter UK due to any reason other than weather conditions. An alternative date for the trip may be offered or refund. Where cancelation is due to weather then an alternative course date will be offered only. No responsibility or liability will be accepted by FY7 Charter UK or it’s staff for any other costs or expenses incurred by the candidate due to cancelation.

4. If a candidate after full payment has to cancel a trip or course we will consider the circumstances of the cancelation and may offer an alternative date for the booking.

5. All candidates must complete and sign the Health declaration. This does not mean that we cannot accept candidates with health problems, but must be informed of them. When any doubt as to whether a candidate is fit to undertake a course or not exisists. We will accept a letter from the candidates GP stating fit to attend and participate in sailing activities.

6. Any candidate on a holiday/course believed to be using or under the influence of non prescribed drugs, aggressive towards other clients or the skipper or crew, abusive, racist, sexist or any other anti social behaviour will be asked to leave the boat immediately. And taken to the nearest port or landing point, without refund or any liability to FY7 Charter UK for costs.

7. All candidates attending the holiday/course must sign the declaration on safety proceedures prior to sailing. Failure to do so will lead to the candidate being asked to leave the holiday/course without refund.

8. FY7 Charter UK is unable to offer holiday/courses to persons under the age of 18 unless accompanied by a parent or gaurdian.

9. All clients must complete the agreement of terms section of the booking form prior to attending a holiday/course or paying balance.

10. Any complaint for any reason must be made initialy in person to any staff member, and if unsatisfied by writing for the attention of the principal, who will in turn will reply immediately to acknowledge reciept. Then after investigation will reply in writing within 14 days of date of acknowledgement.


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