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STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting*

This two day course is one of the four basic modules required under the STCW scheme for anybody wishing to take a career in the Maritime industry.  This training must be undertaken before new entrants are assigned to any such shipboard duties.



On course completion the candidate will be able to maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency situations involving fires aboard ship, fight and extinguish fires using fire fighting apparatus and appliances provided and act as a member of a fire party - including the use of self contained breathing apparatus.



Continuous practical assessment with full and active de-brief of exercise.


Certification gained

The candidate will qualify for STCW95 Regulation VI/1 and Section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code certificate on succesful completion.



Two days.


* The course is run by our industry partners Devon & Somerset fire and rescue service at their Plymouth training academy

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