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STCW Basic safety courses

STCW 2012 is the latest amendment to the IMO STCW standard. The Amendments require that seafarers be provided with basic safety training. This training is intended to ensure that seafarers are aware of the hazards of working on a vessel and can respond appropriately in an emergency. The Basic Safety training courses required to take on a career on a Commercial vessel consist of the following five elements:

STCW Personal Survival Techniques
STCW Elementary First Aid

STCW Personal safety & Social responsibility

STCW Proficiency in security awareness* 
STCW Fire Prevention & fire fighting



FY7 Charter UK offer all elements of the syllabus either individually or as a complete package.  Courses are run throughout the year at our classroom in Torbay and at our partners Training centre near Plymouth.



Please contact us to find out more about each element and when we are running the next set of courses.


If you need any further details about the STCW 2012 A-VI/1 syllabus please contact us via telephone or click the enquire button below.


* Only required if your vessel works to the ISPS code

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